Remember When…

  • Remember when news was news…neither, fake, exaggerated, or distorted? Neither do I.

  • Remember when the U.S. Postal Service deliveredUSPS mail promptly and actually offered SERVICE, not two-hours of line waiting?

  • Just who is afraid of Virginia Wolff? And Why?

  • NFLRemember when the NFL did not own football? QBs were not prima donnas, and tackles actually tackled.

  • Remember when $20 bought more groceries than you could carry from the car to the house in one trip?

  • Remember when everything did not have to be looked up online? Movies actually listed movie times in the newspaper.

  • Just what is up Doc?

  • PC hunterRemember when everything and everyone did not have to politically correct?

  • Gone are the days when a telephone book was useful.

  • Do you wonder who framed Roger Rabbit?

  • What has replace the ultimate send off…”Here’s a dime, go call someone who cares.”

  • Where was I when the response to “Thank you” became “No problem”? What happened to “You’re welcome?”

  • Remember when food was food, not fat-free, food labelcholesterol-free, gluten-free, high-fiber, and lo-cal? And a food label was not the length of a novel?

  • Who shot Liberty Valance?

  • Remember when pickup trucks cost less than a year’s salary?

  • Remember when cable TV had no ads? Now there are ad channels: QVC to name one.

  • Remember when life had less stress? Technology demands we be someplace or do something every waking hour or we are missing out on life.

  • O brother, where art thou?

    Remember answering the phone and being surprised at who had called you?

  • When did being a good Samaritan morph into road rage?

  • And, whatever happened to Baby Jane?baby jane



Stupid is as Stupid Does

Top 10 Dumb Excuses I’ve Heard in the Past Few Months

10. (From any teenager)
 I didn’t think ______________(Fill in the blank)
car-in-flood9. (From a man who drove into a underpass during a flood. The pillars had posted water indicators that showed water depth of 10 fee.)
I thought if I went fast, I could just drive through it.
8. (From winning team member.)
Cheaters never win, but we won.
7. (From commentators for the NFL)
Don’t think this game is over, it isn’t. (It was.)
6. (From a losing college football coach)
If we’d caught a few more passes, and didn’t have those interceptions, we would have won.
5. (From college football fan explaining #6)
 He’s and idiot and his parents were probably idiots.
4.(From neighbor who was had police/humane society at his home more a dozen times for letting his dogs run at large.)
They just got out.
man-in-jail3. (From person arrested for 1st degree murder and being taken to jail.)
Will I get credit for time served now?
2. (From convicted rapist, who drugged and raped a woman. His apology in court.)
It was a night of poor decisions.
 AND my #1 pick:
1. (From rapper canceling his appearance two days before a concert)
Unable to perform at concert due to an unforeseen incarceration.
I purposely did not select any political comments, I had too many to choose from.
If you can top any of these, please but them in a comment so others can read them.