Do I Dare Take that Prescription

The world wants a quick fix for everything from political issues to high blood pressure. I am not going to address political issues, I leave that to the know-it-alls on Facebook and talk TV. Today I want to discuss prescriptions we take for our ailing bodies.

pill bottlesThe Sicilian and I take our pills each morning like good little children, but we try to keep pill popping to a minimum. (He takes 3, and I take 6 but only 2 are prescription drugs.) While some people enjoy telling you they take 16 pills a day, we on the other hand want to avoid this. Why? Even though you did not ask, I will tell you. Have you ever read those info sheets that are included with your prescription? You might want to avoid any drug that requires four pages of fine print to inform you of all the possible side effects.

pill reaction

Pharmaceutical companies spend plenty of money to buy pages of advertising in magazine and newspapers. A two-minute pharmaceutical ad is the norm on TV. Most of the pharmaceutical ad is devoted to telling you all the hideous things that can happen to you if you take it, not on the drug’s benefits. Ponder that for a few minutes.

pill allergy

I love the ads that start with: Do not take this drug is you are allergic to it. How am I suppose to know if I am allergic until I take it and almost die from a pill chemicals.jpgreaction? I consider myself smarter than the average bear, (only older readers know about Yogi Bear) , but I have no idea what dexteagosominehydroxy is, and the little chemical symbols showing me the makeup of the drug are as foreign to me as hieroglyphics.

And what about the “happy pills”  we all take to cope with life. Pills that are to alleviate depression. Most of these come with the warning: may increase suicidal thoughts. And this pill is suppose to help me? Seems more like the final solution,  not one I want to try.

Often the list of side effects ends with: may cause death. No matter what ails me, I don’t think death is the option I want. You can keep that pill, thank you very much.

I suggest that we all eat more chocolate, drink more adult beverages, don’t watch the news, avoid Facebook, and spend more time walking in the park, reading humor books, and petting an animal. All of these activities are good for us, and none come with a 4-page warning.

heart burn

But, right now I have to drink baking soda and water because my heartburn is killing me. The pill I take each day is not working. Maybe I better read the fine print again.