Back Then and Now…a journey to old age

bugs bunnyI had always imagined I would  slide from sexy, young thing (yes, I was that once) into middle-aged maturity, and then coast into becoming an elegant dowager, but as Bugs Bunny often said, “I think I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.” I just realized I missed elegant dowager and zoomed right into crabby old lady. Currently, almost everyone under the age of 70 drives me nuts.

I can handle the rapping, thumping, tuneless music of the younger generation easily, rapperbecause I don’t listen to it.  And as for the abundance of pointless, vulgar movies, I don’t go to them.
But, I suggest the entertainment industry should wise up. Baby Boomers, all of whom have passed 65, make up the largest group in our population and we were savers. Have plenty of money to spend.. If you want to make money, you better start catering to us old geezers. And I don’t mean more early bird specials. Some of us prefer to eat after 4:30 in the afternoon.

Here is a list of recent things that make me question the intelligence of younger people:

gluten free1. A label on powdered sugar that stated “Gluten Free.” Only wheat and a couple of other grains have gluten, so this is like putting on a label on bananas that says “meat free.”

The world has gone gluten free nuts….gluten is not the devil…it is pain and sickness to those with Celiac disease, but that is a small percentage of the population and most people with Celiac disease know what to avoid.

2. Chips and crackers that have labels saying “Cholesterol free.” Again any person with ano cholesterol half of brain know cholesterol is found in animal fats, so the chance of hamburger being shoved inside Cheetos is slim.

flourToday I bought a12-pound bag of flour…the printing at the top of the bag said. “Flour is raw. Cook before enjoying.” I wonder, how many people eat sacks of raw flour?

“Don’t eat raw cookies dough!” I’ve been doing this for years and look, I am still alive. I let my granddaughter eat raw dough too, and yes I know the dough includes raw eggs, and now god-forbid raw flour. I told her, “When I read in the paper that people are dropping dead daily from eating raw cookie dough, I’ll stop. Until then, no way.”

If you lived through road trips with no seat belts, bike riding and sidewalk roller skating with no helmet or knee pads, mecurochromehaving Mercurochrome and Merthiolate (both of which are laced with mercury) slathered on your scratches, then like me, you are a fossil, a living dinosaur and you have earned the right to be a crabby old man or lady.


Remember When…

  • Remember when news was news…neither, fake, exaggerated, or distorted? Neither do I.

  • Remember when the U.S. Postal Service deliveredUSPS mail promptly and actually offered SERVICE, not two-hours of line waiting?

  • Just who is afraid of Virginia Wolff? And Why?

  • NFLRemember when the NFL did not own football? QBs were not prima donnas, and tackles actually tackled.

  • Remember when $20 bought more groceries than you could carry from the car to the house in one trip?

  • Remember when everything did not have to be looked up online? Movies actually listed movie times in the newspaper.

  • Just what is up Doc?

  • PC hunterRemember when everything and everyone did not have to politically correct?

  • Gone are the days when a telephone book was useful.

  • Do you wonder who framed Roger Rabbit?

  • What has replace the ultimate send off…”Here’s a dime, go call someone who cares.”

  • Where was I when the response to “Thank you” became “No problem”? What happened to “You’re welcome?”

  • Remember when food was food, not fat-free, food labelcholesterol-free, gluten-free, high-fiber, and lo-cal? And a food label was not the length of a novel?

  • Who shot Liberty Valance?

  • Remember when pickup trucks cost less than a year’s salary?

  • Remember when cable TV had no ads? Now there are ad channels: QVC to name one.

  • Remember when life had less stress? Technology demands we be someplace or do something every waking hour or we are missing out on life.

  • O brother, where art thou?

    Remember answering the phone and being surprised at who had called you?

  • When did being a good Samaritan morph into road rage?

  • And, whatever happened to Baby Jane?baby jane