Who Am I?

IMG_5686Some days my life is a whirling cycle of  everything going from bad to worse repeated over and over, but there are days when I can laugh at myself.  My husband, fondly known as the Sicilian because of his heritage, had a family that spewed adages like water from a drinking fountain. My two favorites Sicilian proverbs are:

  1. One is crazy and the other is glad of it. This describes the Sicilian and me. On any given day one of us is teetering on the edge of sanity and the other one is glad to be the anchor.
  2. You have to laugh to keep from crying. This is the primary reason I write this blog. I love to see the humor in a situation, as sometimes that is all that makes life bearable. I hope my posts will give my readers a much-needed chuckle.


I am a retired federal agent who spent years writing documents that were not the least bit funny. Now I write for pleasure or to be aggravated depending on the day. I am a Yankee by birth, but for the past sixteen years have lived in the deep south, the New Orleans metro area to be exact. I have yet to grow accustomed to the bugs, heat, and humidity, but love the music, festivals and the food. That food has given me pleasure, on occasion a nasty bout of heartburn, and  15 pounds, all of which are on my hips.


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