Gardening in Louisiana

flooded lawnSouth Louisiana is swampy by nature, but enough is enough. This year, in less than three hours, our yard shifted from rock- hard clay yard begging for water to a squishy lawn with two inches of standing water. Neither of these conditions adversely effects the weeds.
I read recently that certain weeds sprays can cause cancer. I guess that notice is for me,

dollar weed
Curse of Dollar Weed

not the plants because I can tell you for a fact that full strength Roundup has no effect on trumpet vines and limited to no effect on the ‘curse of the South’. . . dollar weed.  (Thankfully I don’t live where kudzu is a problem, but I’m sure it is another curse.)

A friend of mine told me he had bought MOAP (Mother of All Poisons) to stunt the weeds in his yard. I’m waiting for his report on effectiveness.  If this fails, I am will purchase a small flame thrower.
I read a clever saying on Facebook the other day. (Yes, occasionally someone posts something worth reading.)
 If you try to grow it and it dies, it’s a plant.
 If you try to kill it and it grows, it’s a weed.
Story of my life. The list of my dead, dying, or suffering plants include:dead tree
Camellia, oleander, hydrangea, squash, tomatoes, painted ferns, Bradford pear trees, zinnias,  orange tree, Encore azaleas, and lantana.
Unwanted Successes are:  Volunteer trumpet vines that I can’t kill, dollar weed, and torpedo grass. I’ve read that torpedo grass is so named because of the shape of its blade. I think it is because torpedoes have no effect on it.
Sadly the things that are growing well in my yard frighten me. bambooThe clump bamboo that was four feet high three years ago is now more than 12 feet high and about as wide. If it creeps any closer to the house, I’ll have to hire lumberjacks to keep it at bay.  The three scraggly wandering Jew plants I shoved in the ground under a window, now cover six square feet. With my luck they will push our wandering jewhouse off the slab giving the termites a chance to Swiss cheese our house.
Bugs, heat, weather, and humidity make gardening here a challenge. I’m excited to go to my yard to pick flowers, less so when it comes to pulling weeds. Would I give up having a yard? Not a chance, but there are days it not only gets the best of me but the worst of me also.

One thought on “Gardening in Louisiana

  1. Jeff king

    You are right on target with your weed analysis. Some may well have survived the last ice age. By the way, that MOAP (mother of all poisons), Roundup vegetation killer stuff didn’t do much. Let me know if the flame thrower doesn’t work, and I’ll arrange a B-52 air strike from SAC AFB, for both of us.


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