The Right Movie, per the Sicilian

penny-serenadeThee Sicilian and I sometimes agree on a movie, but not always.  A few nights ago I selected an old movie for us to watch, Penny Serenade (1941) starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. The movie started slowly, as Irene Dunne reflects on why she wants a divorce.
The Sicilian did not sigh, his normal reaction to something that he considers a monumental bore, instead he said, “I don’t suppose there is going to be any killing in this movie.”
“A movie doesn’t have to have murder and mayhem to be good,” I replied.
A few minutes later the movie took on a dramatic tone, and the Sicilian seemed to be enjoying it, then came a 10-minutes bit about giving a baby a bath.  The Sicilian’s reaction, “I didn’t know this was going to be a comedy.”
I must admit the baby bath scene too long, and not funny by 2017 standards. Again the movie became dramatic and it was soon obvious that the young child in the movie washitler-and-aliens going to die.
The Sicilian said, “I never should have watched this movie. That little girl is going to die. It’s not right. I should have watched something about Hilter or  UFOs.”
“It’s only a movie,” I said.
At the end of his movie he said, “Their child just died and five days later they’re adopting another child.  They didn’t even take time to grieve, I don’t like this movie. I never should have watched it. Tomorrow I pick the movie.”
shaneSo what is the Sicilian’s idea of a good movie.  His all time favorites are two old westerns, Shane, which won the academy Award for Best Picture in 1954, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962.). Any movie we have seen in the 17 years we’ve been married has never reached this bench mark.  I’ve heard the line “Come back Shane. Mother wants you,” from the lips of the Sicilian more times than I can count.
I have however taken him to some of the worst movies he has everla-la-land seen. The most recent being La La Land which may win the Best Picture this year.  I have to agree, the actors were horrible, could neither sing or dance, but I liked the premise. His comment, “Horrible. You owe me three beers for sitting through this.”
His all time worse movie, which he saw with someone  else is Bridges over Madison County. He recommends this for insomniacs.  He ranks it as the number 1 boring movie in the history of the universe. Terrible.
birdmanAnd then there is Birdman,  Best Picture in 2014. His description: stupid, crazy, made no sense.
The only good thing about the new movies we see now, we view them in a theater that has huge chairs, serves a variety of food and adult beverages. This way I can start buying the 3 beers I’ll owe him  before the movie is over.



2 thoughts on “The Right Movie, per the Sicilian

  1. Jeff King

    I’m not big on watching old movies, and am betting this one didn’t include any high speed car chases, or cataclysmic explosions. Maybe if the baby in the movie turned out to be a Martian? Just remember, you asked?

    Liked by 1 person

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