the Alphabet is Killing Us

LondonThe residents of England have said for years that their distant cousins in the USA don’t speak English. For years I thought they were snobbish people who spoke oddly, but now I agree with the English. Americanese has become a language of misspelled words, abbreviations, and ever changing slang.
Teenagers have always used slang that older generations did not understand, but this code of the young soon becomes unfashionable and is not used as they mature. But  medical professionals, some of our best educated residents, should know better.  I’ve come to the conclusion that doctors can’t spell so theymedical file write in code.  Trying to decipher your medical chart causes most people to fear they are suffering from early onset dementia.
No one has a disease or symptom. We have BP, IBS, AIDS, TB, SAD, SARS, GERD, UTI, COPD, ALS, MS,  HDL, LDL, ADHA, Hep C etc.   We use a CPAP; go to ER or ICU; have a CT or ECHO; and receive and Rx.
Men worry about ED.  Woman about visits to the OB-GYN. The promiscuous about STD. Drug users an OD.
We all worry about our numbers. Our BP, BUN, BMR, CAD, BMI, our wt and OSHA. (I tossed in the last one to see if you were paying attention.
The list of  medical abbreviations at this site boggles the mind.
If we continue to abbreviate and speak in acronyms, I fear our written language will sooncaveman be gibberish and our speech will be reduced to grunts similar to those used by our prehistoric cave-dwelling ancestors.
What goes around comes around. Are we on our way to stupidity?  No, I think we have arrived.
DOAAs for me, I just want to avoid being DOA tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “the Alphabet is Killing Us

  1. Poofy

    In response to your almost last sentence. “You can’t fix stupid” so we are doomed for sure. Love all of your blogs. Your humor makes my day!!


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