Computers: One Reason I am Crazy

Thank you for finding my new blog site.  I hope you will follow me and leave comments. I  moved from my Amy Signs blog, because publishers (if I ever get one) like a site that identifies you. So out with the old and in with the new. For those who haven’t been following me,  Amy Signs is the title of  memoir my daughter and I wrote about her being born Deaf in a hearing family.chopping coputer

If you are reading this, you probably have a computer and know just how aggravating they can be.  People are generally straight forward with important communications.

“Why did you use the last Kuerig pod? You know I can’t function without coffee in the morning.” (Said by or to a spouse or partner.)

“What kind of moron backs up on the interstate ramp?” (Said to the driver of the car  that just hit you.)

“What did you do with the $20 I just gave you?” (Said to your child)

Computers on the other hand send cryptic messages. “Error code 0V000092” or “File not found,” (and that file was  there yesterday) or “Check your BIOS,” or some other internal organ of the computer that I  know better than to monkey with.

cable cordThis week my wireless internet is  giving me fits. Works only on rare occasions. Today a message said ;”Plug in  Ethernet cable. This looks like a telephone cord.”  Isn’t everything wireless? Do such cables even exist? There are none in this house. I searched, and so did the Sicilian.

The Sicilian knows better than to enter my office when I am having computer problems. But he did say, “Computers were designed to drive you crazy.” This was one of the rare times I agreed with him.

While I am concerned about a virus, hacker, or alien invasion into my computer,a foreigner who claims to be with Microsoft and desires to correct the ID on my computer calls again for the umpteenth time this week. Yeah, right. Microsoft is calling me? I suppose it was Bill Gates, but I will never know  as the Sicilian told him where to put his phone.

gin and tonic

He felt better, and I felt much better after making a double G and T.  Feel so good, I think I will have another and forget trying to get on the internet.


Obviously if this is posted, I had success, at least limited success.




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